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    • Item # ACRY9A-93011
    • Price $6.99
    • Width: 58" - 60"
    • Weight: Heavy Weight
    • Color :

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    • In Stock: 866 Yards
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    Fabric Content
    100% Acrylic
    Washing Instructions
    Acrylic materials typically do not require special detergents, just special handling. Unless otherwise noted on the care instructions, these materials can be safely washed in the washing machine using the methods below. You Will Need: Lingerie laundering bag Mild soap such as Woolite Steps to Wash Acrylic Materials: Place the item in a lingerie bag for extra protection during the wash cycle. Fill the washing machine with warm to cool water and place the item in along with other like-colored items. Wash on the gentle cycle for a quick and gentle wash. Front loading washers are even better because they do not have the center agitator that can cause damage to the material. Remove the piece from the washer after the spin cycle is completed. Reshape the piece to its original shape and allow it to air dry on top of a clean towel.
    This Acrylic Woven Luxuriously Fabric is heavy enough for those cold winters. Various color choices are available in solid, stripe, checkered patterns and boucles and Jacquard, Great for those distinguished yet stylish jackets.
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