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    About Us

    About US

  is not your traditional fabric retailer, online or off. We have one of the country's largest inventories of first quality upholstery, drapery, apparel, and industrial fabrics. And our longstanding relationship with vendors allows us to bring the best and most hard-to-find fabrics to you at the lowest possible prices.  Our Store is built to server End user customers and wholesale customers “including Apparel manufacturer and sewing companies and retail stores”.

    Our Mission Statement

    " seeks to be the world's most Reliable Online Fabric Retailer and wholesaler, where our customers can find and discover all kinds of fabrics at the most competitive prices with the highest possible level of quality in both our Fabrics and our Service."


    Our Company Address is:

    1324 E 12 Street. STE 201
    Los Angeles, CA 90021